Establishing the First Housing Dado Wall

Create a knifewall by squaring the knife line across the face and use the chisel to create a step down, flick away the waste material.

  • EP1 Sequence.00_15_24_00.Still050
  • EP1 Sequence.00_16_06_25.Still051


Deepen the knifewall using the knife and square again and use the chisel to pare cut into this. Make your pare cuts easier by making sure each of your chisel cuts overlaps the previous one.

  • EP1 Sequence.00_16_21_18.Still052
  • EP1 Sequence.00_16_46_26.Still053


Once the housing dado begins to develop you can use the chisel and a chisel hammer to deepen the vertical cut and continue to use the chisel to pare at an angle to deepen the wall. Move the board in and out of the vise (in the vise for paring, on the benchtop for chopping). Stop once you are near the gauge line and ensure you don’t go beyond this.

  • EP1 Sequence.00_16_21_18.Still052
  • EP1 Sequence.00_16_46_26.Still053
  • EP1 Sequence.00_17_06_01.Still089
  • EP1 Sequence.00_17_52_29.Still056
  • EP1 Sequence.00_18_37_11.Still046


Progress the rest of the housing dados to this point.

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