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Alberto Corcoba

Hi Michael,
I was browsing through Common Woodworking and saw your post. I have lived in Cambridge for 3 years and always found odd tools in car boot sales. They are pretty much like flea markets and tend to take place in the weekends. Here in Cambridge there is even a man specialized in tools who comes each weekend. A tool shop on a garden table, really. There is a web called where you can check if there is any one along your route. I have also found tools in antique and charity shops, of which you will find plenty in the UK harbour towns. They will be more expensive, but if you have bought in Portobello, I think you will find them quite affordable. Of course it takes time to find good stuff from these sources, but if you enjoy the search, my experience is that it is worth trying because many garages in the UK preserve good old tools, and they come out quite frequently. I assume you know ebay, but gumtree is another website where you can find tools from particulars that you can then email or call and meet along your way. Hope this helps.