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Michael Evans

I bought some of the Aldi chisels starting about four years ago and have made it a point to pick up sets ever since when they became available. I buy them, tune them up and then pass them on to other woodworkers (particularly beginners) as gifts. My experience has been that the wooden handled chisels are still very good basic chisels even though the quality has slipped just ever so slightly. My guess is that the manufacturer is small and that the demand for their product has pushed them to accept more minor flaws. While the fit and finish is slightly below some of the big box store offerings, the overall design and the quality of the steel is clearly superior and the finished product is much better suited to bench woodworking. Many things about any hand tool are subjective and I find the Aldi chisels as good as many of the higher priced tools. So what if there are minor chips in the edge? A few seconds on the grinder or stone and you are back to perfect edge. The wooden handled Harbor Freight chisels (marked Chromium Vanadium) are a decent alternative and are clearly superior to the big box store offerings. I own some high-end chisels (along with many antiques)and, to be truthful, I have never found any of the differences between the brands mentioned and the expensive chisels to mean anything when it came to use. Have fun.