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Trey Caron

Brian –

I know I’m jumping in late on your post. I’m in relatively the same situation as yourself. I would agree with the workbench. I have a work table I got from a big box store. It’s far from perfect and I have to brace it when I try to plane large pieces, but it will do for now. Currently, I’m in the process of collecting enough scraps to to build a small bench. One thing I’ve found very useful to start building a “scrap pile” is putting a request out on a neighborhood social media app called “Nextdoor”. In the last 24hrs, I’ve been gifted 4×4, 2×4, plywood, and uncut Maple from a tree that was felled by a recent storm. I live in a condo community with a community garage. I’m having to get creative to conceal my wood hoarding until I find a better solution for keeping my wood pile dry.