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Andrew Smith

Hi Brian.

I hope you have managed to make a good start with your woodworking.

I too have a very limited space, and my budget isn’t much better.

The main space I have for working is the 6×8 shed in my back garden. After a lot of planning, I managed to come up with a bench design that incorporated many designs I found on the internet. The design allows me to have longer pieces of wood going through the shed door, whilst still having the support of the bench to mark out and cut the wood to length. I also find that a well built pair of trestles is vital, as this allows me to utilise the garden when the weather permits.

With regards to the tools, I have purchased a few from ebay, but the majority I have have been from local car boot sales. The tools are often in a very rough condition, but very cheap because of this. There is an endless supply of information out there on restoration, and the satisfaction of restoring a rusty unloved tool is great.

Once you have a few tools, I would suggest practising joints until you have the confidence to start tackling a few projects.

Good luck,