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Hey Brian

I will offer you my opinion on how I would tackle your situation. I would say that probably the most essential tool you need is a workbench, without it everything you do will be awkward and hard to do. It is not impossible to work without a workbench, of course, but unless you are fairly experienced I think it will be mostly frustrating.

Therefore, my primary goal would be to build myself a workbench, however before you can do that you probably need some trestles and in order to build those you need some tools.

I would go to:
log in with the same user name and password that you have here. Press “video library” and then go to the “Trestles” instructions. There you will find a video instruction on how to build them and a list of tools and wood you need.

Now take that tool list and start by only getting those tools that you need for this task. Right here on this site you have an excellent guide for where you can buy the essential tools cheap. Along the tool guides you also have guides on how to set up, sharpen and use those tools.
Alongside the task of getting tools, you also need to get the wood for the Trestles. it is probably easiest to just buy it at your local wood store, but if you are on a limited budget you can also look around for free wood. Sometimes you can find it on internet, perhaps free if you come and pick it up yourself. You can also look around close to construction sites, I am usually able to find a plank or two if I poke around, sometimes you are lucky and can get access to the container where you can find a lot of wood.

Note: the wood that you find at such places will mostly be low quality, fast grown Fir or pine with lost of hard knots and perhaps shakes. This will not be the most fun wood to work with but it will get you started. If you can choose try to get as few knots as you can and straight grained peaces.

When you have built Trestles you have something to work off, it is not ideal but it is more than nothing. Now it is time to tackle the workbench, go to
again and in the video library find the workbench series. Look at the tool list and get the tools that you do not have.

One you have a workbench, you can basically do anything you want because now you have a space to work comfortably at and you have basically all the tools you need, all from just building the bench.

I understand that being on a budget and having limited space makes things a lot harder but you just have to work with what you have got. This might mean that you can only afford to buy 2 tools per month, if that is the case, then so be it, at least you have a lot of time too look for free wood then ๐Ÿ™‚
I think that the most important thing is to make sure that you are moving forward, even if it means that it will take you 6 months to get the tools you need to build a Trestle, it is still a few steps forward. Once you have passed over the hump of getting a workbench things will brighten up so much because now you basically do not need to buy more tools and can focus your efforts on becoming a good woodworker.

If you get stuck on something or have questions, use the forum, ask specific questions and you will probably get specific answers.

Good luck!